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Welcome to the exciting, entertaining, and informative world of Broadcast Journalism. Through this program you will discover and master the best techniques of reporting, writing and editing broadcast news stories. You will learn the basics of television and radio skills, shoot and record interviews, plan and execute news stories, and also get an insight into nuances of editing and news presentation techniques.

Students of Television Journalism will also be involved in regular course work as reporters, camera persons, editors, writers and producers, using highly sophisticated TV production equipment and editing and production software.

Students who take Radio News Features as an elective will discover the magic of the medium—and its endless possibilities of on line radio and podcasts.

They will learn radio production skills, reporting stories as well as reporting live events, organizing and moderating discussions and interviews. Students will also be exposed to the nuances of the medium and to the aesthetics of mixing and editing various forms of audio—music, voice, sound effects etc.

The program will incorporate the following core courses.

  • Reporting and Writing for Broadcast
  • Tools of Television Journalism
  • Advanced Television Studies
  • Television Documentary
  • Media Workshop (Television/Documentary)
  • Master’s Project
  • Ethical and Legal Issues in Journalism
  • Convergence Across Media
  • Critical Thinking in Journalism
  • Liberal Arts
  • English

In addition, students must choose electives from this list (click here).

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