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Overview of Curriculum

The curriculum has been developed in association with Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, New York. In order to retain flexibility in its course offerings, IIJNM does not seek any national accreditation. The program leading to a diploma or a Postgraduate diploma (PGD) in journalism builds on the student's background in liberal arts, the sciences, law or other disciplines. The purpose is not just to train candidates for the next job in the field, but to educate them for significant careers.

During a full academic year, students work in the high-pressure deadline atmosphere of the journalism profession through their assignments in reporting, writing, editing and using presentation tools. Teacher-editors who have also been or still are working journalists critique individual assignments and closely supervise the students' production of the in-house newspaper, magazine, web publication, television, radio and multimedia programs. Students get to interact with newspaper and magazine publishing houses and television and radio stations in the nearby area. Bangalore city, in all its vastness, complexity and diversity, is the institute's working laboratory. It is this practical training that has led to IIJNM’s students being in such high demand with employers.

Currently, the programs consists of concentrations in Broadcast journalism (Television or TV Documentary), Print journalism (newspaper or magazine),and Multimedia journalism. The curriculum includes core courses in reporting and writing, ethical and legal issues, and tools of journalism. Students may specialize in such areas as political reporting, international news coverage, business, arts, sports and several other electives. Media workshops include working on an in-house newspaper, magazine, television webcast, and news website.

We are committed to maintaining the highest professional standards in keeping with our reputation as the best journalism college in South Asia.

PG Diploma in Print, Web & TV Journalism
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