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Print journalism is evolving fast here at IIJNM.

The term 'print' is already morphing into a catch-all phrase for text written by journalists that can be read in a newspaper or online via the world wide web.

The craft of printing newspapers is declining but still remains strong in the east, with new publications being launched every month in India at a time when traditional newsrooms in the west are closing their doors.

The means of delivering news is evolving but the writing skills required to deliver that news remain the same. Here at IIJNM the print stream focuses on good, solid, hard news reporting for newsprint and the web. The print stream produces more online content than any other stream here at IIJNM.

More than ever, newspaper professionals must consistently demonstrate the qualities of precision, accuracy, speed, fairness, understanding and public responsibility. Students of Print Journalism gain these skills through a blend of theoretical and practical courses and workshops. What you produce goes online at the end of every production day:

Whether it is newspaper or magazine journalism, students learn reporting, editing, page design and newsroom management. You will use popular software to produce newspapers and magazines on a weekly basis.

The Institute prepares you to step into the nation’s newsrooms. Teaching methods include lectures, case studies, seminars with guest speakers, individual assignments and workshops. The focus is on the practice of covering news in the field, writing informatively and interestingly, making newsroom decisions on what is important, and laying out the page.

The program will also incorporate the following core courses.

  • Reporting and Writing for Print
  • Tools of Journalism I & II
  • Advanced Newspaper Writer's Seminar
  • Magazine Writing
  • Media Workshop (Newspaper/Magazine)
  • Master’s Project
  • Ethical and Legal Issues in Journalism
  • Convergence Across Media
  • Critical Thinking in Journalism
  • Liberal Arts
  • English

In addition, students must choose electives from this list (click here).

Print Journalism College in India
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