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The first semester begins with a four-week orientation to many of the resources available to students. These include introduction to such campus facilities as the media lab, network, Internet access and software tools. Subsequently, students are expected to further familiarize themselves with the use of these software tools by working with audio-visual and interactive training materials. Out-of-station students are encouraged to learn more about Bangalore city, its institutions, public transportation, and other facts that could come in handy when everyone is required to cover a city neighborhood as part of the Reporting and Writing course.

The boot camp, as this orientation is called, gives the students a bird’s eye view of all the main streams—print, broadcast and multimedia. This helps them firm up their choices.

Students are also encouraged to learn Kannada—the language they will use in their Reporting trips and through their stay in Bangalore.

Remedial English Language classes

IIJNM offers Remedial English classes to help students improve their competency in the language. These classes are held several times each week throughout the year focusing on grammar, structure of sentences, organisation of content and other writing skills that are essential for English language journalists. An English language professor with journalism background conducts these classes exclusively. These sessions assist students in writing reports effectively in all other journalism classes.

Masters in Journalism
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