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Program & Curriculum

Print Journalism
Broadcast Journalism
Multimedia Journalism

IIJNM provides a strong foundation in the skills needed to succeed in journalism. Our students, as trainee journalists, work with reputed professionals to produce real-world, hands-on reporting. They learn to file stories on deadline while producing content that matters to the citizens of a dynamic and fast-growing nation.


 IIJNM offers the following two programs:

a) Post-graduate diploma (PGD) in print, broadcast or multimedia.

Those with a Bachelor’s degree or expect to receive it shortly may apply for this Master’s level diploma program. (click here for details)

b) Diploma in print, broadcast or multimedia.

Those with 10+2 or Pre-university graduation or expect to receive one shortly may apply for this diploma program. (click here for details)

 Media Concentrations

The IIJNM program is designed to prepare students for careers in media across a broad range of platforms including broadcast, print and multimedia.

Students specialise in one of three areas:

1) Print Journalism for those who wish to specialize in newspaper or magazine.

2) Broadcast Journalism for those who wish to specialize in television or documentary and/or radio.

3) Multimedia Journalism teaches the skills needed to be a converged journalist with skills in print, broadcast and online journalism.

 Area Specialisations

Advanced Business and Financial Reporting
This course covers business and financial reporting, with emphasis on corporate financial news, corporate governance, economic developments, and financial markets..

Advanced Development Journalism
This course covers key developmental issues such as evaluating the impact of policies and programs, poverty, NGOs, and public-private partnerships. Students are required to examine one or more recent developmental projects and use them as case studies

Advanced International News Coverage
This course deals with the techniques and difficulties of international news coverage. It teaches students to gain and report on international organizations, relationships, diplomacy, trade, and investments.

Advanced Political Reporting
This course provides an in-depth analysis of the national and local political landscape. Topics include party politics, campaigns and elections, political propaganda, lobbying and special interests, and other areas at national and state levels.

 Curriculum/Course Requirements

IIJNM prepares students for careers in various platforms of journalism. The curriculum is designed to offer practical training along with theory. Students gain skills in gathering facts, writing coherently and logically, competently using tools of their respective streams, and bringing everything together in a publication/broadcast segments week after week.

All students are required to complete Core Courses and Electives as described in the pages related to them.

Core Courses (click here for details)

Electives (click here for details)

Orientation & Remedial English Classes (click here for details)

Credits and Grades (click here for details)

Schedule of Courses (click here for details)

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