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Print Journalism
Broadcast Journalism
Multimedia Journalism
Our full time faculty members come from the nation's leading news organizations and academic institutions. They have wide experience in... (click to continue)
Program & Curriculum
IIJNM offers a Diploma program for students who have completed pre-university or Standard 12, and a Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) for students with a Bachelor's degree. The diploma programs consist of core courses including... (click to continue)
Credits & Grades
Each course has its associated number of credits. In order to graduate, the student must attain... (click to continue)
The first semester begins with a four-week orientation to all the resources available to students. These include...(click to continue)
Internship and Placement
During the break between the academic semesters and/or toward the end of the academic year, students get the opportunity for 2 weeks to 2 months internship... (click to continue)
Schedule of Courses
Schedule of courses offered... (click to continue)
Software Tools
IIJNM offers every student and faculty individual PCs in a network environment. e-mail facility is available... (click to continue)
Admission is restricted to only 100 students each year. Required courses are attended by all students. Each of the other classes, such as electives, is attended only by... (click to continue)
Students who excel in their selected media concentrations and areas of specializations will be recipients of awards. Awards are determined on the basis of... (click to continue)
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