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Placement Process Highlights

IIJNM’s placement process runs throughout the academic year, leading to a well-attended Career Placement Week, and subsequent follow-ups.

Our students have high competence and the required confidence to give them an edge over others in their job search. Practical field training and actual production work they do every week at the institute give them the necessary exposure to excel in their careers at any media institution. Employers find IIJNM graduates a cut above those from other institutions.

IIJNM assists its students publish their work in local newspapers and websites, thereby enabling them to prepare portfolios of their work.

IIJNM faculty help students prepare strong resumes and put together impressive portfolios of their work. Students get training from HR personnel in handling interviews with potential employers.

IIJNM assists students get internships in reputed media houses. A significant number of our students get job offers after they exhibit their skills during the internship.

IIJNM uses its extensive alumni network to identify job opportunities at organizations where they are working.

Students get exposure to media best practices from guest lecturers who are at senior positions in the industry. They are asked not only to give talks on important topics, but also to critique students’ work by examining their publications and presentations.

IIJNM keeps the media industry informed on the progress of the institution and its students through frequent email and telephone contacts, “Letters from the Dean,” and Newsletters. Invitations to visit IIJNM for recruitment are sent out to human resource departments and executives at media organizations well in advance of the Career Placement Week at IIJNM. The invitation offers a link that allows potential employers access to student resumes and their portfolios, thereby making the process focused, relevant and efficient. In the past, practically all our graduates have received one or more job offers at attractive salaries.

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